7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hair Health with Thierry Baptiste

Greetings women of CWUW,

My name is Thierry Baptiste and I am a loctician whose work is renowned internationally. I am delighted to have the opportunity to discuss healthy hair with your community. With me practicing hair care for over a decade, I have been blessed with the experience of working with every texture of African American women’s hair. And with this in mind, information and advice on hair care will come from experience (the ultimate teacher).

I was asked to begin my relationship with you on the subject of understanding, obtaining, and maintaining a healthy head of hair for any texture. I believe this is a wonderful subject matter to begin with, and will give you the blueprint for hair success.

Two factors that play a major role in your hair being healthy, and today we will discuss the first, then we will follow up with a separate blog on the second part.


As a show of affection from a friend, I received a plant as a gift. My care for the plant would symbolize the development and growth of our relationship. Therefore, I went all out with the best foods and gadgets, and nurtured it with care regiments instructions from plant experts globally.

Now imagine the investment of money and time applied in the beginning that stimulated growth eventually stopped working. In only 30 days, the blossoming plant had deter acted to stubs and only one. And because I followed all of the instructions in detail, it was very easy for me to find comfort in the too familiar and self destructive mood of being a victim. And because I claimed no responsibility for the plants death, there was nothing to learn from the situation. Because I did not do anything, wrong. Right?


The joy and positive energy toward the plant on the first day soon manifested into the plant now symbolizing a obligation that threatened my freedom; which is the essence of my happiness. I hated that plant and even with using top shelf care products, not even a plant can grow with no love.

With considering my story, now replace the concept of a plants growth with your negative outlook about short hair. We can no longer avoid the decision of having to cut your long see through damaged hair into a short healthy style to create the undeniable foundation needed to eventually get the long healthy hair you desire.

And like the plant, because you hate your hair short, it wants to runaway not grow. Lol

(On the other hand, do you have negative seeds poisoning your spiritual soil?)

With the exposure of one of the core problems preventing you from cultivating healthy hair, how can we as a people counter attack the negativity associated with our hairitage?


1. Accept your part in your demise and stop being a victim. The world can plant negative seeds all day in long in your mind, but they are powerless if you don’t nurture the ground around it with your acceptance of the lies.

2. Stop your internal spiritual warfare by working with and not against yourself. The only way you can win is from within. And to get in, you have to identify your newfound self-love as a extension of your definition of beauty and not a replacement.

3. Your hair should only be sparingly given the power to enhance you; not socially create or financially break you.

4. Hair grows from love. Love does not hate. Therefore, hating only hurts you. One of the biggest mistakes I have noticed is when we want people to appreciate what they have, we feel that true clarity will only come from their lost or demise. Out of love, start praying they get it before the end.

5. Stop putting self-destructive regulations on the requirements of what your hair needs to look like before you can love yourself. At any length or condition, you are blessed to have hair and be alive.

6. Get informed by reading your history, which explains your inherited destiny.

7. Get involved by giving back. Instead purchasing magazines that "MAY" put on the cover in February, subscribe to black publications that represent you on every cover, every month.

8. Finally yet importantly, defuse the delusions that disappoint you about your hairs rehabilitation from damage, which subconsciously justifies your instant gratification relapse.

To explain the last step, which also closes out part 1 of the “inside” scoop of healthy hair, I must go back to the beginning. You will remember that the plant died in one month from neglect.
Disappointment, with an immediately need for closure, I headed to the trash with a toe tag on the one surviving leaf, where a neighbor took the plant from me.

Surprisingly, two months later, I was invited into her home to see the plant ALIVE.

Therefore, if it took two months for the plant to recover from what only took one month to destroy. You cannot realistically expect for a first time and/or inconsistent haircut, deep conditioner, and hot oil treatment to provide instant results on hair that has abused for years. FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

1 comment:

Ginalocks Soul said...

Greetings! Brother Thierry..very informative and refreshing to our souls. Your words truly promote the healthy well being from within to outside of our being, In existence of what the creator has bestowed for us the this mother earth we tend to loose that will-power of what we need to survive in this world. WE are constantly bombarded with the thought of knowing what is right for us Mentally, Physically, and emotionally we discard the truth of it and turn our backs on it. Your topic is LIVE LIFE WELL....goes a long way from the womb to when we grow old by living it holistically, productively, and planting it like a seed so that it can be fruitful for our life's journey along the way..Peace on your journey in your teachings of the life paths

Peace Always

GinaLocks SouL