7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Monday, June 9, 2008

National HIV Testing Day

Know your HIV status? Text: Your Zip Code to KnowIT or 566948 to find HIV test centers near you www.hivtest.org

Do you know your HIV status?

Its vital. If you are HIV positive, early intervention is important to your health. Take the time out on National HIV Testing Day and get tested and GET YOUR RESULTS.

Unfortunately, too many women are becoming HIV positive. We are not victims in this epidemic. We do have choices. Identifying healthy relationships, establishing boundaries, and requiring mutual monogamy are just some ways you can help to protect yourself beyond just condom usage.

We need to require in all new sexual relationships that condoms are being used. You can't assume that your partner is HIV negative or without some other Sexuallty Transmitted Infection (STI). Talk with your partner about his/her sexual history, likes and dislikes, and attitudes about monogamy. Most women become infected from partners they have an emotional attachment. Because we are interested, we instantly trust them with our sexual lives and our bodies.

Require more of your partners and of yourself. Seek out healthy relationships. If you've been sexually abused, a victim of domestic violence, or use/abuse substances, you are at an increased risk for an HIV infection. Take care of your mental health. Become mentally well before seeking a new relationship. This is also a part of HIV prevention. Its not just using condoms.

CWUW supports the National HIV Testing Day. Go get tested. Know your status!!

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