7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Postitive Thought For The Week: Getting Ready


Have you ever been in a situation where God told you something and NOTHING points to what he is telling you? Have you ever been at a place in which everything looks like the opposite of what you've heard? How do you handle that?

First read: Hebrews 11

I heard Bishop TD Jakes preach once that every thing you have ever received from God in the natural you have to first receive it in your spirit. Usually when I have heard something that I could not see, it has had to do with my finances. There have been some crises that have come that He has needed me to be calm about so that I could hear His instructions for how to avoid the pitfalls.

I have learned over time that He doesn't reveal stuff to us to scare us but to prepare us. A lot of times when I hear things I began to do little things that I believe are preparing me for the what ever it is. If it is a warning about finances, some times I will try to pay off some bills, put a little money aside. Hold off on getting involved financially with something I normally would.

If it has been professionally, I start thinking in terms of if I had that job what would I do to get ready for it. I would sit down and think and write down some things that I would do to make my self more marketable when and if that opportunity ever comes around.

I guess over time you can say I have developed the attitude of, I don't know when it's coming but when it does come I want to be prepared. I had to stop focusing so hard on the when, because the when was making me crazy. The Lord did not always reveal to me a time line. Most times He would show me it is coming and that was it. I’m sure you can relate to how frustrating that can be. We want the date, the time and the second. I was, and even now, sometimes still like the little kid on the long car ride who keep asking “are we their yet?” Some times I have had to do physical things to keep focusing on getting ready. Like writing down what I have heard and seen. Sometimes it is mental and spiritual things I needed to do to get prepared. I found for me I have to get my self aligned with what ever is coming and the more prepared I am the more He reveals to me as to what is next.

I remember one idea I shared with a friend about redefining how we approach affordable housing. I truly believe it would have never come to me if did not step out on faith and purchase a second home. I couldn’t see how I was going to do it but as I began to be obedient and just trust that this is my time, more stuff became clearer and clearer to me and the more things fell into place. Some of it didn’t happen over night. Some of it took days and some things took years but it happened. It's almost like He's saying if you can believe me for this and get prepared then I give you more stuff to get prepared for.

Make it a blessed,

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