7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Positive Thought For The Week

Helping or Hindering
Generally people do not want to see their children to suffer. Like any good parent if you see your child heading in the wrong direction you try to head them off and if you can’t you do what you can to get help them out of the bad situation. It is human nature to want to protect your young. Sometimes, not getting that just because that person will always be your child it does not mean that God wants you to encourage them to always continue to display childish behavior. The truth is the real problem is not so much that God has a problem with us being children. He has issues with us being disobedient children. Some parents are still breast-feeding 20, 30 even 40+ adults. Before you get cocky and say this does not apply to me. I don’t have kids. This type of behavior is not restricted to the parent and child relationship. There are some folks who do this with, sisters, brothers, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends husbands you name it they are breast feeding them.

I believe God expects us to be supportive of those we love. However, He doesn’t expect you to take His place in their lives. A lot times the folks in your life can not grow up and find out how great God is because you keep bailing them out. You have to ask your self are you a help or a hindrance?

Some the greatest lessons I learned came from not being bailed out and me having to take responsibility for my actions. It’s funny how clearly I can see this when it comes to me but not always see this so clearly when it comes to others. One example is I had a relative I just kept lending money too. Then when I would need my money back they would avoid me until the next time they needed more. They rarely gave me back what I had leant. When they did give it back, it was always in installments. Then I would turn around and they would be buying new things for their house or going on vacation and I did not have money to go where I wanted to go. I was angry, frustrated, unhappy, and broke and I started to despise this person. I asked God why, and He revealed it was because He was not in it.

Here is the lesson I learned. Every time I prayed and ask God to help this person, it was like using His name in vain. I called Him, but then I wouldn’t let Him do His job. Every time I bailed this person out, I was only hurting them and myself. I kept praying on them and asking God why they were so disobedient when He showed me it was because I had sponsored their disobedience. They were only part of the problem. I was the other half. That person may have robbed me, but I gave them gun and the bullets and all the while I was doing it in Jesus name. All though my intentions were noble the results did more harm than good. I was not being a help I was being a hindrance.

Remember this if God meant for adults to survive solely off the tit, he wouldn’t have given us teeth.

Make it a blessed.


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