7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Positive Thought For The Week


I was sitting around the other day thinking about all reasons why I had not accomplished more in my life. I was saying that at my age I should have accomplished more. I was busy beating my self up about all the things I thought I should have done by now. You know things like: I should be married by now. I should have moved into a bigger house. I should have gone to Europe. I should have lost that 20 pounds. I was having what some folks may call a glass half empty day. I hate those moments because I'm usually an up beat happy positive person. The truth of the matter is lately I have been wrestling with who I am really vs who I see my self as. The truth of the matter is even though there are many things I would still like to conquer there is nothing wrong with me because they have not happened yet. Every day God gives me breath. He gives me another opportunity to reach my dreams. I'm still here and I still have a chance to make them happen. It's also very important to understand that a life that is filled will real quality can only happen when you understand the power of perspective. Perspective is if I truly just wanted to be married, I would be married. But the truth is I didn't just want a ceremony I want a marriage. Marriage in the sense that God designed it for man. If I really wanted a bigger house, I'd be in it. Instead I choose not to try impress others and invested what I had into something else. Something that would give me greater dividends for my future. I could have lost the 20 pounds but I want to do it the healthy smart way. I'm not as small as I would like to be but I'm healthy, active and working towards that goal. The truth of the matter is you can spend every waking moment obsessing over the things you don't have or you can prayerfully move forward making every day count and enjoying what you do have. You are going to have some down moments. It's life, but take those moments as an opportunity to plan for your tomorrow. Make every moment count because some of these moments may never come again and so the next time you are tempted to focus to long on your half empty glass remember this be grateful that at least you have something to put in a glass.


Cleva said...

This is why I appreciate your insight so much. I was just thinking about all of this yesterday. It kept going through my mind that CWUW should have been up and running when I was 30, I should be married, etc. etc.

Thanks for the post!

Jessie said...

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