7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Positive Thought For The Week

Faith and Faithful

It’s funny you would think if you had demonstrate faith you must automatically be faithful. The other day I was traveling to the bank to make a deposit and I was thinking about how good God is. He has been helping me and my family through a challenging financial situation. What had prompted this train of thinking was that I was a little annoyed because I had agreed to do something for my mother and she automatically started voicing all the negative things that could happen and I felt like screaming “after all that God has done for us how can you still keep spouting out such negative things”.

As I sat in the parking lot of the bank feeling quite impressed that I was such a woman of faith, I got hit up side the head with this revelation. Although I had demonstrated I was a woman of faith, I had not always been very faithful. What does that mean I asked the Lord? Then the revelation came. I may be good at standing back believing and trusting that no matter what the circumstance is God will come through for me. But I have not been so good at being faithful to the one who has delivered me time and time again. Oh, I would say thank you, but to be honest some times I have done it because I was raised to have manors. I’m embarrassed to admit there were a number of times when I would say it but there was no real feeling behind it. My attitude on a very subconscious level has been like a very spoiled child. After all God should do it for me, come on it’s me.

But since confession is good for soul let me say this:

  • I have not been faithful to praise Him every day the way He deserves to be praised.
  • I have not been faithful in letting the world know that if it had not been for God on my side where would I be?
  • I have not always appreciated what He has done for me especially when He gave me something I really needed instead of something I really wanted.
  • I have not always been faithful in giving Him the credit for my victories.

So what is the life lesson I take away from this. It is great and important to be a person of faith but an even greater measure of who you are as person should be how faithful you are to the one who time after time proves to you your faith in Him has not been wasted.

Make it a blessed,


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Cleva said...

You continue to touch me right were I need it!! Thanks so much for your inspiring words!