7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WOMEN’S ANTHEM by Saundra Sewar


Little girls, be inspired to push forward in whatever your desire, and not let anything deter your goal. Learn who you are and understand what you are worth. Followers are never free to succeed.

Have the courage to want to make a positive change.
There will always be someone who wants to see you fail. Prove them wrong. Be the example!

Young ladies, understand that this particular time in your lives, which may seem impossible to conquer today, will too come to pass; make the most beneficial choices for your future, not a solution for now.

A decision without careful thought will only take you back to the beginning. Make a sound decision the first time. Learn from examples.

For women who feel like they don’t have a voice or make a difference, your opinions are important. You may not think people are listening but know that they are always watching. Be the example!

With respect to those well into their years, tell those behind you of past endeavors and life experiences; give freely your priceless wisdom; for some are paying life’s debt now; you have the answers to their future. For the cost then, you are the example now!

We need to remember that we cannot be all things to all people. We must be the best within ourselves. Follow your heart after it confers with your mind. Regardless of what may come, you always have a choice. Should you choose to follow others and circumstances are not what they’d promised, remember, YOU always had a choice.

Even when your back is against the wall and there seems to be no way of escape, yet still, you have a choice. Settling should never be an option!

Let nothing kill your spirit. It’s what enlightens, dances, yearns, guides, inspires, strengthens, conquers, uplifts, embraces, responds, pronounces, empowers, soars, enhances, demands, humbles, encourages, invokes, laughs and sings.

It is the substance that is you…

The Women’s Anthem taken from the book,
Bittersweet Diary by Saundra Seward - copyright 2007

reprinted by permission from Saundra Seward.

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