7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sisters Together Comprensenive Health Management Program

Sisters Together: Move More, Eat Better is a national initiative of the Weight-control Information Network (WIN) designed to encourage Black women 18 and over to maintain a healthy weight by becoming more physically active and eating healthier foods.

CWUW has modified the program to included all women living in urban settings and have added components to to make it more comprehensive.

Many of you have begun walking with us on Saturday mornings and this is GREAT!

We will suspend walking until February so we can organize a true Kick Off for Sisters Together!

You will learn about the program which will include nutrition education, homeopathy referrals, health related workshops for participants and more! Of course, you will learn about the benefits of walking or any physical activity.


Even though we will not be walking in January, keep moving your body. Sisters Together will return in February.

If you would like to sign up for the program, please send an email to info@cwuwonline.org

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