7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Monday, October 24, 2011

Love yourself as is.

In a world that tells us we are imperfect, its a battle to love ourselves "as is". Someone is telling us we're not thin enough, not smart enough, not ambitious enough, etc. etc. So we get on that treadmill and start trying to be....something. What I've learned the hard way is to love myself "As is". Its a journey.

As the leader of a wellness org, one would think that I've aced living healthy everyday. Nope. I'm in the fight with you. I'm learning tools for myself as I provide opportunities for others to learn the same. I'm sympathetic to anyone trying to overcome and health focused hurdle. Weight loss isn't the only battle some face. Some is staying mentally balanced. Family concerns maybe someone's concern. We all have those things that seem to overwhelm us. Let's first just love ourselves. Be honest about the flaws and be humble in the greatness and love it all. That's where we can begin this journey.

I'm a mentally strong person. I know that's not my battle. I'm here for those who can't take the hard hits in life. I'm overcoming years of bulimia and loving the physical skin I'm in. I'm taking 12 months to deal with everything that has to do with getting back in shape and being physically well. Some may need to dedicate a year of addressing depression or maybe finally dealing with some trauma of the past. Let's do it together. Let's be honest. Let's celebrate our today and our tomorrow. Our greatness is now.

I'm so great....as is. It can only get better.


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