7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back to New School

Oh yeah, it's that time, honey.  School supply sales, back to school sports physicals, form filling out - bring it on back to school has begun for some kids and is quickly approaching for others.  It's a glorious time of year.  Not for the obvious reasons of getting these kids out of the house and back to school, but it's glorious because it's new.  It's a new year.  New grade.  New class.  New teachers.  New pencils.  New tablets.  New opportunities.  New challenges.  New everything.

The ability to start a new is a great gift.  Ignoring the mass marketing, though - you can still celebrate the joy and blessing of a new school year without breaking the bank, don't get it twisted.  But, the adverstising campaigns know that the shiny new backpack, the pristine new school supplies and yes the crisp new skinny jeans and sparkling new Jordans speak to us.  Your kids don't need hundreds of dollars of new stuff to start school.  You can leverage the new school year by incorporating something new in your family's life this school year.

This summer has been a blessing because after camp and overseas travel, my son has not had anything scheduled.  He, like many of your kids I'm sure, has an intense school year schedule.  Full day at school and then choir practice two nights a week coupled with homework and chores.  There is a lot I'm looking forward to this school year - getting back to a jam packed schedule is not one of them.

In thinking about the upcoming school year, one of things I want to do better is to be prepared.  I am so that mom asking what homework was due either late at night or first thing in the morning.   Or the chick putting money on kid's lunch account on my smartphone during the train ride into the work.  Chaotic, crazy, fly by the seat of our pants school year.

This year I'm looking at more organization, peace and zen in our family's life.  Planning, planning, planning.  I'm committed to a new habit of taking time before going to bed to planning breakfast (chopping fruit for smoothies) and figuring out what I'm wearing in the morning.  I'm also going to take time when I get home from work to check in with my kid and look at what is going on in his school life.  Hopefully these new habits will help me better navigate school pitch-ins, poster board science assignments and all the other stuff that comes with Back to School.  I'll check in say December/January and let you know how we've fared.

Here's to the New School Year!   What new things are on tap for you and your students?

Lisa Coffman, Alexandria, VA.

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