7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guest Blogger Spotlight - Tasha Jones: Exercised Art, Healthy You!

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Exercised Art, Healthy You!
Guest Blogger - by Tasha Jones

When Shalom (my son) was five years old, he heard a commercial on the radio asking kids to write letters to the president. I asked Shalom what would you say, if you wrote a letter? He's responded, "Dear Mr. President, you should have art around because it helps you think." I am reminded of that simple wisdom daily, not only through Shalom and Messiah (my daughter), but personally, the effects of ART and its significance in my life.

As a writer and an encourager (Pisces), I am an absorber of the things within my realm to change. I can easily take on other peoples issues which can be both healthy and unhealthy depending upon how involved I commit. In order for me to be at my best I have to detach when my work is finished. I have learned connecting and detaching are equally important. Learning that one key fact about connecting and detaching was a long journey.

On that journey I found myself practicing ART, writing poetry and journaling. When writing I can work through the pros and cons of any situation. Putting things on paper gives me 20/20 vision. Equally, when I am in need of closure ~ a poem is birthed! See how that works the circle of life!

When I am ready to move on, close the door on an area, heal from a situation, or get up from a fall a poem is birthed! I am refreshed and ready to move forward! I guess the adage is correct when one door closes another opens. Honestly, at five, Shalom reminded me and the president to keep art around because it helps you think and I would agree. Practicing art not only helps me think, it keeps me healthy and whole!

What is your art and how does it keep you healthy?

Check out Shalom Love's full letter to the president, in Bill Adler's, Kids Letters to President Obama. (He was the only child selected from the state of Indiana.)

About Tasha Jones:
Tasha Jones is a rare and wonderful artist that strikes a balance in a world so often lopsided. Some people are all style with little to no substance while others have substance with no trace of style. Tasha is a perfect blending of the two. She has the soul of a Nikki Giovanni draped in the haute couture fashions of a runway model, two things few would think to pair. Her work speaks further to her dichotomy, to the easy equilibrium she has found between being a student of life and a teacher of lessons. On stage she tells the story of her life and in doing so tells the story of all women; a story of love, loss and life. She offers a perspective, poignancy and insight in her writing that allows men to see themselves through her work and women to see themselves in her work. She proves herself to be simultaneously what women are and what they aspire to be. In a world where few know who they are Tasha proves that not only does she know who she is but she has a deep understanding of who you are too; And once you’ve experienced her for yourself you will feel better, wiser and more enriched for it.

- Emmy Nominee Jon Goode: TVLand/Nick@Nite, HBO Def Poetry, BET Lyric Café & CNN Black in America.

For more of Tasha Jones check out www.iamtashajones.com

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