7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Best Things in Life are Free

Did you giggle last week when Pharrell said "I wash my face" when someone asked him what he does to stay so young looking?

68 year old Norma Kamali also said that exercise, enjoying life and water, drinking lots of water has been the key to her youthful glow.

Much has been made about both of their revelations.  I'm not sure why.  We know this instinctively.  Water is life.  But yet, sometimes I think when things are abundant and free we tend to overlook them for something that is harder to get and not free.

CWUW spends a great deal of time teaching us, guiding us, listening to us and sharing with us ways to Live Life Well.

I appreciate the message, because while I am as much of product junkie and have been known to follow the latest, shiniest, thing.  The CWUW message resonates because it focuses on our internal resources, not the latest workout craze, but works with us on how to bring more movement into our day.  How to strengthen our relationships with ourselves and each other by meditating, praying, singing, volunteering, chilling.   How to eat better, not a full on  rebuke of everything we know and love, but one Meatless Monday at a time.  No need to go out and buy a bunch of new groceries to start, start by taking away one thing that we usually have.

This winter has been very challenging.  The weather, illness and a host of work and life responsibilities have caused me to derail from my usual path.  I was thinking of a way to quick start - how do I get myself back on track?  Do I go take a high energy (not free) boot camp class?  Do I go book a relaxing (not free) massage? Do I call up the juice store and get a 7 day detox series (not free)?

Nah.  Recharging will mean, eating less and walking more.  Soothing my overworked muscles from hours at my computer doing work will mean more warm baths and epson salts.  Getting rid of all the McDonalds and horrible crap I've been eating while working long hours will mean stop eating all that mess.  Spending money to recharge or jump start is not necessary.  I know what to do and can start it, will start it now.  No appointment, class or delivery needed.   Me and my water bottle have a boot camp dance date with Janet and Luther.

Life Life Well family!

LRC is the married mom of a teenage son loving life and trying to live it well outside of Washington DC.  A native daughter of New Jersey, but a proud long time resident of Indianapolis, you will find her reading, chilling with friends, running and teaching her husband and son how to do the Dougie.

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