7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Saturday, October 18, 2014

I "Tri"-ed. I Succeeded...The Backstory!

As I look back over my life and I think things over, I can truly say that I’ve been blessed I have a testimony (Thank you Rev. Clay Evans for those lyrics).

December 2012 I created a page in my vision book with the words “triathlon 2013” and pictures of a runner, cyclist, and swimmer neatly glued to the pages. I also remember gently pulling the glued words and pictures from the pages. Why? The negative self-talk was so loud that I immediately felt foolish for feeling like I could do a triathlon. I mean really, who was I kidding? I am not a great runner, I didn’t have a bike, and the dog paddle was my version of swimming. Good ole self doubt wins again. Good-bye 2013.

The thought of completing a triathlon never left my mind and I found myself making another page in my 2014 vision book neatly gluing the word “triathlon” on the page. Of course the negative self talk crept it’s way into my head but this time I “channeled my positive energy” and made a plan to save money to buy a nice bike in the Spring. Fast forward to Spring 2014…I did not buy the bike…I made excuses (damn you negativity). However, my God knows exactly what I need when I need it, he sent me Cassie. Cassie sent me an inbox message saying she just purchased a new bike and “I would like the price” of the bike she was selling. Well, she was right, SHE GAVE ME THE BIKE! Okay, no more excuses. I had a bike!


I began riding my new to me bike on a local trail and I was hooked on cycling. On Mother’s Day Dorian (my boo) purchased me a brand new mountain bike. Shortly after Mother’s Day I saw that several ladies I knew would be participating in the “GA400 Century Ride,” I wanted to do this too and since I was riding regularly on SCT, I signed up for the 27-mile option. On June 29, 2014 I completed a 27-mile ride on my new bike. Although I survived the 27 miles, I knew that I didn't know enough about cycling so I did some research, took some classes on bike maintenance, and met my mentor in one of the local bike shops. 

27 miles of Heat, Hills, and Humidity. #Atlanta

Ok, so I could run (intervals), I was getting better on the bike, now I needed to swim. This triathlon would be on my radar for 2015, in fact I had identified several (Yes, negative self-talk had me change my goal from 2014 to 2015).

August 19, 2014 I took my first swim lesson, I was so excited and it was so much fun. No, I couldn’t hold my breath long, I was tired, I choked on pool water, but I was happy…I was working towards my goal of learning to swim.  After 6 lessons and practicing what I learned outside of lessons after 3 weeks I could swim 250 meters in 10 minutes.

Just keep swimming.

Ok…so, I could swim, ride a bike, and run…could I put them all together? “Nah” I thought, “I will wait until 2015." In the meantime, I decided to reach out to one of my sorority sisters, Felicia, who had just completed the Ironman in Louisville and inquire about her coach. Although I was not planning to complete a triathlon, I wanted someone who had experience in the sport and could help me with developing a training plan to achieve my goal. Felicia introduced me to Rich and viola, I had a coach. I have to admit, the first time Rich referred to me as an athlete, I smiled so hard. He's awesome.

On September 2, 2014 I received an email from Active.com promoting a triathlon sprint (run 3.1 miles, bike 13 miles, swim 250 meters), the name “Last Chance Triathlon” caught my attention. I quickly messaged Rich and asked him if it was reasonable for me to participate in a tri on October 5, 2014, he said yes. I signed up.  I was excited. Rich set up training plans. I followed them. There were good and bad training days, but I was going to do a triathlon.

Now, that's the backstory, I will be back in a few days with details of the event.

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SexyCool said...

Well written post. I didn't know you'd wanted to a Tri since 2012. (lol)