7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Monday, February 2, 2015

Positive Thought For The Week - Taking Steps Into Your Destiny

What if I told you, you could change your life with a few steps? I won’t use the cliché “simple” because as you probably already know that if change was always simple more people would do like Nike says and “Just Do It.”
What if we all truly understood the importance’s of steps? And that steps either take us closer to where we want to be or further from where we should go?

What if we began to look at steps from a different perspective? What if you decided to make each step you take something personal? For you see when you make something personal, you give it life. What if you saw each step as your baby and what do we do with our babies we name them. So how about if each step had names like:
1.       Realization

2.       Identification

3.       Courage

4.       Strength

5.       Sacrifice

6.       Willingness

7.       Openness

8.       Faith

9.       Perseverance

10.   Wisdom

11.   Humility

12.   Revelation

If you tackle all of these steps, at once it can be overwhelming and paralyzing. So you are not overwhelmed by the entire process, what if we started by taking just one step at a time. Let’s make Step 1. REALIZATION. What does that mean? When you truly want change in your life, to me realization is the moment of absolute honesty. It is when you recognize and acknowledge that all is not well and that something needs to shift. It is the moment of self-awareness that can propel you forward or cause you to begin to tail spin where you hibernate because you can’t or won’t handle the truth.

Realization is that step that starts it all, and for some the hardest. Why? Because once you know something, no matter how hard you try, no matter how deep you bury it, no matter how far you run from it, you can never truly un-know it.  So how about you stop hiding in the shadows. Step into the light and fight past the fear. Only when you can acknowledge the things that hold you back will you give yourself the power to make the first step to change your life.

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