7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Have you had your mental and emotional check up lately?

This time of year I often start getting emails from both my medical provider and company benefits group reminding me that it is that time of year again.

  • Time for me to get my annual physicals.
  • Time for me to take a look at my 4-1K to insure I'm still making the right financial decisions for my future.

All though these things are very important, just as important is my regular mental and emotional check up. How many of us stop every so often to really evaluate where we are emotionally and mentally?

There has been a lot of discussion going on lately about mental health care in the light of recent shootings. Questions about how come these individuals were not flagged sooner.
Well we may never know the answer to this, but it doesn't mean that we should not be doing our own personal and emotional check.

It is a good thing to be aware of your emotional and mental pulse, and we should not make it a habit to wait to focus on these areas in our life when they hit crisis mode.

There is nothing wrong with taking time out of your busy days and lives to stop to asses where you are at emotionally.

The truth be told it is very difficult to focus on how to become  successful financially and physically when our emotional and mental life are in a constant turmoil. So give your self permission to find that quite place and check out where you are.

If you don't like the diagnosis, then start to put a plan in place to change things. Do what's necessary to make this happen.
If it is Yoga, quite walks in the park or making an appointment to talk with someone, go for it.

Don't neglect your mental and emotional health because sometimes in life it is all we have.
By Yolanda M. Askew

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