7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting My Rhythm

As the Executive Director of CWUW, I love to see women strive to be healthy and living a balanced life, happiness that suits them and not what the world has determined for them.  We have so much to come up against.  We are told how we should think, look, and believe.  I'm no different than the women CWUW serves.  Daily I approach what it means to be Rhonda and that comes with acceptance.  I am me.  What God has created is a good work so no troubles, no one telling me that I'm less than because I have a little extra weight or that I may approach life in a different way or I may worship differently.   Acceptance of who you are is so important to being healthy. Its been a long journey of that basic step.

Out of the mouths of babes.

I was talking with my daughter about working out. After finally learning how to work with my troubled back, I can hit the gym.  I said to her, "I guess I'll go to the gym now."  She looked at me and said, "That's your problem."   I didn't know what she was talking about but she quickly explained.  She said that my mindset about working out hasn't become a LIFESTYLE but like a schedule meeting.  She said,  you just workout without stating it.  It becomes so natural that you don't even notice it.  She explained that running/jogging  for her is natural because its  a part of basketball which she loves. She has to do it. Its a part of playing.   With all of my wisdom, it finally clicked.  Yes, as Nike says,  "Just do it!"   This part of my health had become a scheduled meeting that I could cancel.  I was still meditating.  I was still making healthy food choices.  I was happy on my job.  I was doing my 7 Dimensions thing except there was no real flow with working out.  But now there is.....and its great.

Its important for me to share my story with the women and men of CWUW because you need to know that its ok to be human.  If you mess up one day, make up for it the next.  Get your rhythm and ride the wave.   I'm here with you as well.   The CWUW Crew, our volunteers, are on similar journeys.   Take your time, read and research, and grow.  

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