7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

To Be Or Not To Be Transformed

As you look forward to what you hope to accomplish in the upcoming year; hopefully in addition to looking forward, you have also spent some time looking back and reviewing some of the things you have done that work and some things that have not worked. I have this interesting habit I started several years ago where every 3 to 6 months I try to stop and take a look at where I am and try to evaluate what I need to change as well as what I’m willing to change. Please note I said willing to change. For I will be the first to admit there have been some things that I have seen about myself that I know I need to improve upon (i.e. exercising, eating better, etc) and like that new sweater, that I didn’t really need but I have bought, I take it out look at and then I very nicely fold it up and put it back in my closet. So, I confess I’m constantly warring with myself to be changed or not to be changed. Yes, I admit there are days when I’m SMH at myself.

Believe you me, I know how easy it is to let myself go through a whole year patting my self on the back for all the good things I have done and feel perfectly comfortable closing the closet on the things I don’t want to deal with. Ironically some of those things I don’t want to deal with so often are at the root of the things causing me frustration about goals I have not reached. Yes, all those little things that are taking up space on the surface may not seem like a big deal, but over time I have discovered when I keep piling stuff in my closet and not cleaning out the stuff I don’t  need I begin to not have room for the things that I do need. So often that is how our personal, physical, spiritual and emotional lives are.

I remember once when I was very young one of my aunts took me on a trip to an amusement park. I was super excited because this was my first trip to a big kids’ amusement park. The second ride we went on was the Merry Go Round. It seemed like so much fun and then I got on the ride and I got sick as dog. My poor stomach and head could not handle that slow ride, going round and round in a circle going no where. I don’t’ think I got on another ride the rest of the day.  I can still remember thinking about how much fun I missed out on all because I couldn’t figure out how to get off that dag on merry-go-round. Why am I sharing that story?  Simple that ride taught me a very important lesson about life and that is sometimes no matter how pretty or safe some things look if all they do is go round and round in a circle and takes you nowhere don’t be surprised if eventually it makes you sick. It has been a long time since I got on my first merry-go-round and I have learned a lot of things since then. One of them is eventually the ride will stop you just have to know when to get off the ride when it does. 

Listen facing and dealing with the things we have tried to ignore or keep buried is never easy but trust me in the long run dealing with them is for the best. Some things in your life are not going to change until you change. So let’s make a pack let’s promise ourselves to take a mental, spiritual and physical check of our closets. Don’t be afraid to clean house. You don’t have to wait to Spring to start your cleaning. Let’s start now, because the sooner we address and clean out those things that cause us clutter, distraction and aggravation the better off we will all be.  

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