7 Dimensions of Wellness

7 Dimensions of Wellness
7 Dimensions of Wellness

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mental Health Awareness: Speaking out about Bulimia

For many years, I have written on my various blogs about living with bulimia. http://clevawords.blogspot.com    Its something that many don't understand and don't realize so many live in secrecy about. I'm a recovering bulimic. Bulimia is a mental disorder. Plan and simple. For the first time, I will be talking with a group this weekend about my history of eating disorders, body image, anxiety, and coping. I do feel the need to share with other women, especially black women, about this issue. Many women suffer from an eating disorder in one form or another especially binge eating disorder or emotional eating.  Let's let go of the secrey and let the healing begin.

woman in the mirror
There are still issues I'm dealing with. I don't allow or like my picture to be taken. I'm also a workaholic. Both are anxiety and coping issues that are related to my history of bulimia. For me, bulimia wasn't and isn't about losing weight.  Its about coping and the manner in which I address stress.  Yes, some of it is wrapped in body image but its not central to my illness.  Just a symptom, a by product.

I've been in the process of healing for a few years.  I no longer binge/purge but I still have anxiety issues that are being addressed. I've embraced my humanity. I'm flawed and I'm beautiful.  Takes a while to get there but bulimia has been a part of my journey since my 20s.  I've lived with it. I'm ok with saying I've had a mental illness.  Healing can only start with being honest and transparent. I've blogged about bulimia for a few years and I will continue to do so. 

So, this Saturday, I will collaborate with Voice!boX and speak on living with bulimia, not as the Executive Director of CWUW or the Prevention Manager of the Damien Center, but as Rhonda....a everyday person, experiencing everyday things. 

Be Well...

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